February 11, 2009 at 5:53 pm (Uncategorized)

While my random article search didn’t turn up anything that interests me enough to blog about (science and geography articles seem to vastly outnumber historical, literary or artistic ones) , it did give a glimpse of the huge amount of information available on Wikipedia. I have a confession. I like Wikipedia. It provides a starting point for finding out about unfamiliar subjects. The possible unreliability of its content makes me exercise my evaluative skills (i.e. take everything with a pinch of salt), which is no bad thing. It’s a good place to go for useful links to other websites. And it’s not entirely lacking in editorial control (the absence of which is a downside of the net’s democratisation of knowledge). But I would like to know more about who’s in charge and what their values are. I’m an information literacy professional. We’re nosy about stuff like that. I plan to set up a wiki for my colleagues like the one for library procedure at Huddersfield – a handy way of sharing information and making sure everyone knows what’s what.


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